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Blockchain Technology Is Here To Stay

February 15, 2018 | Herjavec Group (Cyber Security), In the News

Secure digital ledgers are the center of the financial universe Los Angeles, Calif. –Feb. 15, 2018 It’s time to clear up the confusion and spur more conversation at the C-Suite level about Bitcoin and Blockchain. Bitcoin (the cryptocurrency), and blockchain (the secure ledger technology), are vastly different entities that are far too intermingled by the media that report on them. Think of blockchain as a secure digital ledger that keeps track of every single transaction of any particular asset (ex: Bitcoin) – like links on a chain. Any time a new transaction is made, another chain link is added. The…

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Long Live SIEM !

February 7, 2018 | Herjavec Group (Cyber Security)

Back in 2014, I remember having a conversation with the CEO of well known security technology provider about SIEM (Security Information and Event Management). Back then, there were only a handful of SIEM players in the market. He thought SIEM was dead technology but I wasn’t convinced. I thought the SIEM market would continue to grow, driven not only by the need for better security, but by compliance (regulations we knew – like PCI – and ones we didn’t know yet – like GDPR ). Turns out , we were both wrong. While the market didn’t die, I completely underestimated…

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When Your Company Gets Hacked, Will You Be Prepared?

January 16, 2018 | Herjavec Group (Cyber Security)

New report indicates cyber complacency is a growing problem in corporate boardrooms globally Los Angeles, Calif. – Jan. 16, 2017 “Every company will be hacked”, according to Roger Grimes, in a recent story he wrote for CSO. It’s a scary statement to make but Grimes, a 30-year tech industry road warrior who spent the past 11 years as Principal Security Architect at Microsoft, knows his stuff. I’ve been guilty of making similar bold statements and leveraging the “when, not if” hacking scare tactics but I’m finding more and more that the tone has changed when executives are speaking about cybersecurity. It’s a…

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We Need To Protect Our Critical Infrastructure – NOW.

November 17, 2017 | Herjavec Group (Cyber Security), LinkedIn Influencer

The cyber landscape has made it easier for criminals to steal all kinds of information – usernames, passwords, banking information, you name it! Cyber attacks are imminent across all industries and sectors, affecting our society on an individual and global economic scale. Critical infrastructure refers to sectors such as healthcare, financial services, agriculture, power, etc. These industries form the backbone of a nation’s economy and security – in other words, they’re very important !! They also happen to be tightly connected within the internet of things (IoT) – and cybercriminals know exactly how to exploit this. In June, businesses around…

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When a Phish Catches a Shark

October 31, 2017 | Herjavec Group (Cyber Security)

It happens – and if it hasn’t happened to you it probably will. I wanted to share a recent experience with you all hoping it will reinforce the diligence required in email communication. Because again, if you haven’t been phished, you will be. And you need to know what to look out for! I recently got an email from one of our executives inviting me to a party at his house. A toga party no less…should have been my first clue! This guy doesn’t do togas. But I thought it was nice to be invited and responded by asking what…

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Media Planet: “Shark Tank” Star Robert Herjavec Shares a Guide for Rebuilding After a Cyber Attack

October 30, 2017 | Herjavec Group (Cyber Security), In the News

It can take a seminal attack like this to make us all pay attention. When there’s an infrastructure breach that affects consumers, or a utility goes down, or the transit system is disrupted, we all take notice. Yet, despite the headlines and recent legislative impacts, we have a sense that these attacks will never happen to us. But I can tell you — it’s going to get worse. These attacks will continue to happen. In the recent Equifax breach, over 143 million consumers were impacted when information, ranging from birth dates to Social Security numbers, was compromised. We have focused…

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TechRepublic: Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec: Cybersecurity at work is everyone’s responsibility

| Herjavec Group (Cyber Security), In the News

Despite the critical nature of cybersecurity, it is often made the responsibility of a few specialized individuals—even in large organizations. And that needs to change. Robert Herjavec, star of ABC’s Shark Tank and founder of cybersecurity firm Herjavec Group, recently spoke with TechRepublic about his belief that cybersecurity in the workplace is everyone’s business. While there’s a crucial need for defined cybersecurity professionals in an organization, the rest of the employees need to be involved as well. Good security starts with understanding the weakest link in an organization’s system. According to Herjavec, this is always human beings. “As long as…

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CNBC: Cyber expert and ‘Shark Tank’ star Robert Herjavec: 10 easy online safety hacks you’re probably not doing

| Herjavec Group (Cyber Security), In the News

Enterprise data breaches dominate the headlines today, yet it’s easy to get complacent in our day-to-day lives. We’re connected to our devices 24-7 — laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Fitbits, etc. — whether it’s for work or just fear of missing out. My company, Herjavec Group, specializes in cybersecurity services for enterprises globally, but the foundational elements of security at the consumer level are very similar. Following these 10 simple tips should prevent you from being the next consumer target, but first and foremost, I encourage you to exert some common sense. No one in Russia is emailing you because they want to marry you….

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A Cyber Defense Magazine Exclusive Interview with Founder & CEO Robert Herjavec

October 27, 2017 | Herjavec Group (Cyber Security), In the News

By Gary Miliefsky I remember many years ago, Eric Lundquist, Editor and Chief of eWeek (formerly PC Week) gave me my first media break – an interview and coverage of my first startup, which was later sold to McAfee.  It was a moment I will never forget.  I nervously walked into his office…it was more than 25 years ago.  His admin sat me down and said “Eric’s running a little late but he’ll be here shortly.”  10 minutes go by.  15 minutes go by.  I’m getting even more nervous wondering what’s holding him up.  In walks Eric – he looked tired,…

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GO Banking Rates: Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec on How to Keep Your Money Safe Online

October 5, 2017 | Herjavec Group (Cyber Security), In the News

If you’re worried about whether your personal information and money are safe online after the recent Equifax data breach, you have good reason to be concerned. The credit reporting agency announced on Sept. 7 that criminals gained access to the company’s files with sensitive information of about 143 million consumers — information that could be used to steal people’s identities. The Equifax data breach was by no means an isolated incident. Hacks seem to be commonplace now — with companies ranging from Anthem to Target to Yahoo! reporting major security breaches in recent years. You should certainly take steps to…

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