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Petco: Petco Acquires Shark Tank-Featured Pet Subscription Service Company, PupBox

November 15, 2017 | In the News

Pet specialty retailer adds life stage-focused subscription boxes to online pet gifting options just in time for holidays. SAN DIEGO, Nov. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Petco today announced it has acquired PupBox, a puppy- and life stage-focused subscription service company that delivers customized products and training information to new puppy and dog parents based on their pet’s current stage of development and physical characteristics. Alongside the acquisition, and just in time for the season of gifting, Petco and PupBox have launched the first-ever PupBox Holiday Box, a festive bundle of toys, treats and holiday training tips, perfect for any pup or pet parent on your…

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Entrepreneur: Robert Herjavec on Entrepreneurship, Working with Inventive Kids and Bringing Prototypes to Life

November 9, 2017 | In the News

Last March, I got the chance to chat with Robert Herjavec about his involvement as a mentor with the first Frito-Lay Dreamvention competition and the advice he has for inspiring young entrepreneurs. Since then, thousands of kids under the age of 15 submitted ideas they wanted to see come to life. From the masses, five finalists were selected and are competing head-to-head for chance to win $250,000. Herjavec has continued his involvement with the project. Then, last week, I got to chat with Herjavec again to talk about his experiences with the kids, the Dreamvention competition and his advice for all entrepreneurs when it comes…

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Journal of Accountancy: Cybersecurity tips from the ‘Shark Tank’

November 6, 2017 | In the News

Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec’s experiences while traveling are a good indicator of how cyberattacks have emerged as a concern for businesses and individuals. Herjavec, a cybersecurity professional for more than 30 years, appeared Wednesday on a webcast with Barry Melancon, CPA, CGMA, the CEO of the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. The archived webcast is available on the Association’s website. Five years ago, Herjavec said, he had difficulty getting meetings with CEOs unless they were fans of Shark Tank, the ABC television show on which he serves as a judge of entrepreneurs’ budding business ideas. This dynamic has now changed. “Fifty…

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Media Planet: “Shark Tank” Star Robert Herjavec Shares a Guide for Rebuilding After a Cyber Attack

October 30, 2017 | Herjavec Group (Cyber Security), In the News

It can take a seminal attack like this to make us all pay attention. When there’s an infrastructure breach that affects consumers, or a utility goes down, or the transit system is disrupted, we all take notice. Yet, despite the headlines and recent legislative impacts, we have a sense that these attacks will never happen to us. But I can tell you — it’s going to get worse. These attacks will continue to happen. In the recent Equifax breach, over 143 million consumers were impacted when information, ranging from birth dates to Social Security numbers, was compromised. We have focused…

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TechRepublic: Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec: Cybersecurity at work is everyone’s responsibility

| Herjavec Group (Cyber Security), In the News

Despite the critical nature of cybersecurity, it is often made the responsibility of a few specialized individuals—even in large organizations. And that needs to change. Robert Herjavec, star of ABC’s Shark Tank and founder of cybersecurity firm Herjavec Group, recently spoke with TechRepublic about his belief that cybersecurity in the workplace is everyone’s business. While there’s a crucial need for defined cybersecurity professionals in an organization, the rest of the employees need to be involved as well. Good security starts with understanding the weakest link in an organization’s system. According to Herjavec, this is always human beings. “As long as…

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CNBC: Cyber expert and ‘Shark Tank’ star Robert Herjavec: 10 easy online safety hacks you’re probably not doing

| Herjavec Group (Cyber Security), In the News

Enterprise data breaches dominate the headlines today, yet it’s easy to get complacent in our day-to-day lives. We’re connected to our devices 24-7 — laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Fitbits, etc. — whether it’s for work or just fear of missing out. My company, Herjavec Group, specializes in cybersecurity services for enterprises globally, but the foundational elements of security at the consumer level are very similar. Following these 10 simple tips should prevent you from being the next consumer target, but first and foremost, I encourage you to exert some common sense. No one in Russia is emailing you because they want to marry you….

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A Cyber Defense Magazine Exclusive Interview with Founder & CEO Robert Herjavec

October 27, 2017 | Herjavec Group (Cyber Security), In the News

By Gary Miliefsky I remember many years ago, Eric Lundquist, Editor and Chief of eWeek (formerly PC Week) gave me my first media break – an interview and coverage of my first startup, which was later sold to McAfee.  It was a moment I will never forget.  I nervously walked into his office…it was more than 25 years ago.  His admin sat me down and said “Eric’s running a little late but he’ll be here shortly.”  10 minutes go by.  15 minutes go by.  I’m getting even more nervous wondering what’s holding him up.  In walks Eric – he looked tired,…

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Entrepreneur: 5 Ways to Win Your Pitch, According to ‘Shark Tank’s’ Robert Herjavec

October 13, 2017 | In the News

The cybersecurity tycoon and investor shares a few insider tips to capturing his attention – and his money. As one of the original Shark Tank investors, Robert Herjavec has seen his fair share of pitches. He’s sat through presentations for everything from an energy drink for cougars to a book that becomes a lamp. Along the way he’s learned what works and what falls flat. And as “the nice judge,” he’s consistently offered helpful and constructive advice — even if the recipient didn’t deserve it. As he’s now in his ninth season on the show, the cybersecurity tycoon offers entrepreneurs…

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GO Banking Rates: Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec on How to Keep Your Money Safe Online

October 5, 2017 | Herjavec Group (Cyber Security), In the News

If you’re worried about whether your personal information and money are safe online after the recent Equifax data breach, you have good reason to be concerned. The credit reporting agency announced on Sept. 7 that criminals gained access to the company’s files with sensitive information of about 143 million consumers — information that could be used to steal people’s identities. The Equifax data breach was by no means an isolated incident. Hacks seem to be commonplace now — with companies ranging from Anthem to Target to Yahoo! reporting major security breaches in recent years. You should certainly take steps to…

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Yahoo: ‘Shark Tank’ Investor Robert Herjavec’s Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

October 3, 2017 | In the News

Businessman and TV personality Robert Herjavec, best known as an investor on the hit show “Shark Tank,” is helping bring the American Dream to middle America in Season 2 of “Small Business Revolution.” The show, which airs on Hulu, centers around getting small communities to rally around their local businesses. “In small towns, small businesses are really struggling to survive,” Amanda Brinkman, the show’s co-host and the chief brand and communications officer at Deluxe, told Yahoo Finance. “You’re seeing third generation mom-and-pop shops having to close,” Brinkman added. “It’s because they struggle to compete. You have big-box retailers and national restaurant…

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