Dancing with the Stars celeb blog: Robert Herjavec on the trio dance, fans, and double elimination

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When I signed up for Dancing with the Stars, I did it to honor my mom, who absolutely loved the pageantry and beauty of the show. Little did I know 8 weeks later, I would find myself vying for a position in the semi-finals. I’m a competitive person, but I’m also realistic.  By nature I’m hard wired to consider an opportunity, evaluate the benefits versus risks and make a call. Would I have bet on me to proceed to this stage? Perhaps not. But let me tell you—the #TeamSharkaroo fans have truly invested in Kym Johnson and me. I am so overwhelmed with the support, motivation and kind words this community has shared with us. Thank you.

This week it was all about honoring America’s choice. We headed out into the Grove here in L.A. to see how we could incorporate the fans’ ideas into our contemporary dance to Jessie Ware’s “Champagne Kisses.” Some of your asks: a New Year’s Eve theme… champagne…a flowing dress for Kym… a kiss! Now, I won’t be discussing that particular kiss, although I’m still chuckling at Kym saying it actually quite nice. Instead, I’d rather flash back to one of my favourite moments of the night: the look on Erin Andrews’ face as she dodged a birthday kiss from yours truly! Too funny.

Image Credit: Robert Herjavec

I loved our contemporary dance because it was free-flowing, elegant, and really fun to be a part of. Kym has done an outstanding job teaching a complete non-dancer and helping me appreciate the beauty of movement.

Next, we had our trio dance. This concept is crazy—if Kym was too much woman for me, then adding Jenna into the mix just blew this dance out of proportion. We had so much fan with our Samba to “Cinema Italiano.” Thank you, Jenna, for joining #TeamSharkaroo this week. You’re an incredible talent and so much fun to work with!

Image Credit: Robert Herjavec

Tonight is the night—the double elimination! We learned last week that no one is ever truly safe, and that the fans will be heard. #TeamSharkaroo fans have been incredible each and every week. We want to continue and go all the way to the finale (and Kym keeps talking about that car!), so please keep voting.

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Originally posted on EW.com on May 5 2015