Good Shouldn’t Be Good Enough

By August 15, 2018 LinkedIn Influencer

robert herjavec

I’ve never been okay with the saying, “That’s probably good enough.”  

One of the best parts of running my business is the satisfaction I get by continuously setting the bar higher. Once I achieve a certain goal,  I set a higher standard for myself so others around me are motivated to do the same.  

My fellow shark Mark Cuban said it best – “ Work knowing there is someone out there working 24 hours a day with the sole motivation of kicking your ass”. He’s right. You’ve got a target on your back and you can’t afford to just be good enough. He’s how to avoid mediocrity in business– don’t let it happen to you ! 

Focus on your customers – The best way to ensure that both you and your employees’ efforts are fixed on the success of your business is to focus on the needs of your customers. Until you can fully understand your customers and their needs, you won’t be able to make decisions that benefit your business. You don’t want customers who think your product or service is average, you want them to be fanatical! Remember the purpose of every business is to solve a problem your customers have.   

Murphy is always just down the hall – You may execute, and trouble shoot flawlessly but it’s rare things go EXACTLY how you planned. You have to be able to handle the unexpected. Be prepared for Murphy’s Law – the idea that if anything can go wrong, it will !  The only way to deal with this is to remain adaptable. At Herjavec Group, we are constantly changing the way we solve complex problems. It’s part of growing and scaling. You can’t stay in the same spot all the time or continue offering the same service the same way. You also can’t assume perfection. Be prepared for Murphy’s Law and consider how you’ll respond when you or your business go off course. 

Know an opportunity when you see one – Entrepreneurship is filled with stories of people who passed up opportunities that changed the world. Think of the business exec who thought the idea of xerography was dumb or the publishers who rejected J.K. Rowling’s manuscript for the first Harry Potter book. These might be extreme examples, but there are opportunities in front of us every day ! Be on the lookout for real opportunities and respond quickly to those with promise.  

This year, Herjavec Group celebrates 15 years in the cybersecurity business. I can tell you without a doubt, it can be easy to fall into the mindset that once you’ve reached a certain level of success, you can relax and the business should run itself. I can also tell you without a doubt that couldn’t be farther from the truth!! Once you start settling for “good enough” , you’re limiting yourself and everyone who works with you.

Don’t get caught up with a successful quarter or year – that’s how the acceptance of mediocrity begins. Constantly challenge yourself to do better even when you, or others around you, think it’s not possible. Remember the target’s on your back and that mystery competitor out there has 24 hours each day to try to outdo you.

To your success,