Honesty, Transparency, and Resilience: Three Leadership Keys in the Age of COVID-19

By April 21, 2020 April 28th, 2020 LinkedIn Influencer

This is the third episode from The UPS Store® Small Biz Challenge: Where We Grow From Here podcast series.

On this third episode of Small Biz Challenge: Where We Grow From Here, host Shannon LaNier and special guest Robert Herjavec, founder and CEO of Herjavec Group and star of ABC’s Shark Tank, discuss leadership behaviors. In addition, Robert provides meaningful advice on when and how to handle everything from layoffs to cutting back operations to suspending business entirely.

Highlights From This Episode

Shannon LaNier:

What advice would you have for business owners that are experiencing a lot of anxiety and fear?

Robert Herjavec:

My first premise to everyone is be absolutely brutally honest with the state of affairs. Don’t let somebody make you feel a certain way. Don’t assume you’re in something that you’re not. Because right now, being dishonest with yourself, your employees and your customers is really going to hurt you.

You’ve got to be very clear what the situation is. Are you still in the downward curve? Have you bottomed out a little bit? Is there a bit of an uptick? It really depends on the industry that you’re in.

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