There’s No Such Thing As Genius In The Darkness of a Basement

By November 7, 2017 LinkedIn Influencer


Every day, I get countless emails from entrepreneurs pitching the next big thing. It seems everyone has a million-dollar idea. When I ask some entrepreneurs what they’ve done with these ideas, that’s where I start seeing the difference between the people who talk about changing the world, and the ones who actually do it. 

Let me tell you something — there’s no such thing as genius in the darkness of a basement. 

You need to constantly push yourself to be more and to do more. You may be sitting on the next million-dollar idea but if you don’t spend time actually working on it, it’ll only ever be an idea. If you don’t execute it — if you don’t get out of the basement — it won’t be much of anything. 

The most intimidating thing about any task is to start. I’ve met a lot of people who are afraid to start a task or take a risk because they are scared to fail. The problem with that line of thinking is — if you don’t start, haven’t you already failed? The worst thing you can do is not start. Push yourself and go outside of your boundaries, it’s the only way to get ahead. 

Do you know what all the entrepreneurs that appear on Shark Tank have in common? They aren’t afraid to get out there and share their ideas ! They’re taking a huge risk with their company’s reputation, even risking personal ridicule by one very wonderful Shark, by coming on national TV to pitch their business. All for the possibility of making their dreams come true. 

You can’t expect to get discovered magically. It’s not really a goal until you tell someone about it. Hold yourself accountable to your own potential. Get out of the darkness of your basement and tell people about yourself.  Share your genius ! 

Remember, life isn’t about dreaming in the darkness — it’s about executing.

What are you executing today?

To Your Success,

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