Robert Herjavec Investment, Revolights, secures deal with REI

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EMERYVILLE, CA — Revolights, Inc. is proud to announce the nationwide launch of its new Skyline bicycle lighting system in partnership with Recreational Equipment, Inc. The Revolights Skyline is now available in all 135 REI stores across the United States.


Revolights are a novel approach to bicycle lighting, moving the traditional headlight and taillight to the wheels to create a more visible and functional design. Using intelligent rings of LEDs that attach to the bicycle wheel, Revolights are able to synchronize to the rider’s speed to create arcs of white and red light projecting forwards and backwards. Apart from giving bicycles a distinct and futuristic look, a legal headlight and a functional brake light, Revolights are uniquely visible from all directions; providing unmatched 360 degree visibility.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2012, a third of all bicycle injuries occurred between 3pm and 9pm on weekdays, when commuters are often cycling in the dark, and a quarter of all bicycle accidents were side impact. Improving side visibility at night can have a significant effect on bicycle safety. Additionally, the Revolights rear light is the first of its kind smart bicycle brake light. The same technology used to synchronize the lights to the bike’s motion is also able to monitor the rider’s speed and flash the rear taillight when deceleration is detected, alerting traffic that the cyclist is slowing.


Revolights’ new partnership with REI will make Skyline available in stores across 33 states. Qualified staff at each REI location will also be available to install and service customer’s lights. Revolights is excited to be linking up with the nation’s largest consumer cooperative, a company known for its commitment to selling high-quality, awarding-winning outdoor clothing and equipment.


The Skyline is the new and improved, third generation product in the Revolights line. The lighting system has been updated to make installation much easier and quicker, more compatible with one size fitting almost any 700c road or hybrid bicycle wheels with tire widths ranging from 18mm – 38mm. Design and manufacturing improvements have also created significant cost savings that are being passed down to customers with a $199 price point. A cruiser/mountain bike-compatible version is also planned for launch during the 2014 holiday season.


Additional information on the Skyline can be found in an interactive Instagram gallery at, and video tutorials and guides can be found at

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