Someday is Not a Real Day

By November 27, 2018 LinkedIn Influencer

One thing I keep hearing over and over again from people who want to start a business is “I’ll do it someday…Someday.”

Someday when I have more stability.
Someday when my family is more secure. 
Someday when I have the time I need to dedicate to it – SOMEDAY!!

I don’t like the approach one bit and here’s why – someday is not a real day !

As I’ve said before, there’s no such thing as genius in the darkness of your own basement. You may have the best idea and the greatest of intentions, but if you’re not executing (and then shouting it from the roof tops), it doesn’t count. Nobody cares about what you’re thinking of doing, only what you have started.

If you want to start something – DO IT. NOW!

You can’t wait for someone to come up to you and say, “ Hey you know the idea that you’ve had for 5 years, you should really do it because it will be worth the sacrifices, money, stress…” It’s not going to happen. You have to push yourself and get more out of the time you have.

In one of my first sales jobs my leader and mentor, Ross Marsden, chairman of Wang Canada at the time, took me aside, pointed to a hot dog vendor, and gave me the best advice I could have gotten at the time. He told me I was acting like the vendor. He said, “You need to be the guy supplying the dogs to all the vendors if you ever want to scale.”

Eventually, that’s what I did – instead of selling someone else’s technology or services, I developed a company and sold my own. I knew it would be hard but that’s what it takes to succeed. After all, no one else was going to be responsible for my success. I had to earn it on my own.

The fact of the matter is, we all get the same 24 hours in a day. You might be thinking to yourself, “But Robert, I work 70 hour weeks as it is, I don’t have time for more”. Ask any entrepreneur that steps into Shark Tank what it’s like to pursue their dreams. Multiple part time jobs, loans, sacrificed family time. It’s not easy. All of them will tell you that it takes hard work and commitment to take action every day, day after day. YES – TODAY!

Not tomorrow, not the day after, not someday– today.

Remember – Someday is not a real day.

To Your Success,